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Outdoor Living Improvement Specialists You Can Count On

It all started as a summer break remodeling business, and now StruXure is one of the leading experts in outdoor home improvement for both businesses and homeowners. Looking for innovative patio covers and decks? We specialize in automated louvered pergolas and other outdoor living services. We’ll help you transform and maximize your outdoor space!

StruXure Canada: Local Outdoor Living Space Experts With Global Standards

StruXure Canada is your local expert for outdoor living space systems manufactured by professional and experienced artisans that meet global standards. Each product is designed and engineered to ensure quality, durability, and performance.

Smart and Luxurious Pergolas

StruXure Canada pergolas are designed and engineered using the most modern and innovative technology available on the market. They are ideal for both residential and commercial establishments. Our pergolas add a luxurious resort-like feel to homes and allow restaurants and commercial buildings to expand their dining area outdoors.

Retractable Screening Systems

MagnaTrack's screening system features a cutting-edge motorized system that provides optimum protection in style. MagnaTrack is popular among home and business owners due to its ease of use. It gives homeowners privacy and convenience. It also filters UV rays and regulates the temperature for outdoor seating in businesses.

Outdoor Living Solution

We offer complete outdoor living solutions for residential and commercial establishments. To ensure that you receive the best services, we work with local suppliers and partners, such as The Gas Guys, to provide outdoor kitchen and living space equipment. StruXure Canada will be with you from design to brainstorming to implementation!

Local Partner

StruXure Canada Continues to Innovate and Find Solutions for You!

Our goal is to provide innovative and revolutionary outdoor living space solutions for all our clients and customers. StruXure Canada is committed to continuously creating solutions for you.

What We Offer

StruXure Canada: Offering Excellent Outdoor Home Improvement Services Since 2009

StruXure Canada is an outdoor home improvement professional specializing in innovative pergolas, cabanas, patio covers, and other services. We've provided excellent products and services for clients in the Metro Vancouver Area and British Columbia province since 2009.

Innovative Solutions

StruXure Canada offers revolutionary patio covers, outdoor living space services, and solutions. MagnaTrack Motorized Screen and Pergola X are two of our most popular products. Pergola X is the most multifunctional, premium quality, and smartest pergola you can get your hands on. MagnaTrack Motorized Screen is your convenient and hassle-free motorized screening solution for your outdoor living space. Both products can be installed for personal or business purposes.

Unparalleled Design

In terms of design and quality, it's difficult to compare our patio covers, screen systems, pergolas, and other outdoor living space services. All StruXure Canada products are designed, crafted, and assembled by experienced craftsmen to ensure quality, durability, and aesthetics. They are made to withstand unpredictable weather conditions and the elements. We combine unparalleled beauty, craftsmanship, and durability in all StruXure Canada products!

Exceptional Customer Service

StruXure Canada works with you to ensure you get the best outdoor living space products, services, and solutions. It starts with a consultation with our experts to create a customized, tailored solution based on your needs and preferences. Then, our team will turn your outdoor living design into reality. We provide thorough follow-ups and are available to answer all questions at any stage of the process.

Ready for Your Comfortable Outdoor Living Space? Contact StruXure Canada!

StruXure Canada has been a professional outdoor living space product, service, and solution expert across the US and Canada. We work with clients on both commercial and residential projects to create and implement luxurious outdoor designs. If you want to maximize your outdoor living space, contact StruXure Canada today!

Our Story

Get To Know the Full StruXure Canada Story

StruXure’s founder and product designer is Scott Selzer, a middle-school teacher with a summer-break remodeling business. Scott's business specializes in building pergolas, decks, and other home improvement services. Because of one client, Scott searched for an innovative and functional pergola that provides shade while letting sunlight into the desired space. When he couldn't find any solutions, he created one.

In 2009, this revolutionary pivoting-louver pergola became popular, making Adjustable Patio Covers famous and bringing the adjustable louvered pergola to the West Coast. The company grew and was rebranded to Arcadia Building Products. In 2018, it became StruXure Outdoor, and by 2020, it became StruXure.

Even though the company went through many rebrandings, StruXure Canada's outdoor living space products, services, and solutions are still premium quality, functional, and exceptional. The company's steady growth is all thanks to the revolutionary design, superb craftsmanship of artisans, and functionality of the products.

In 2016, our headquarters were located north of Atlanta, GA. We then expanded our operations from our Southern California office to a West Coast Fulfillment Center and Showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2018, StruXure has been growing as the demand for functional pergolas, decks, patio covers, and other outdoor living space services and solutions continues.

In an announcement on January 4, 2022, StruXure was acquired by The AZEK Company. This is considered a strategic and brilliant step for StruXure to grow and provide complete outdoor living space products, services, and solutions.

StruXure is still growing.

Where will StruXure go next?

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of exceptional outdoor living solutions.

Our Mission

We transform the way people live by bringing the indoors out.

Our Corporate Values and Beliefs

Be Bold

Go big, take massive action, take the right risks, and lead.

Be Accountable

Deliver on commitments, always do what we say, and deliver and reward results.

Be Communal

Be family oriented, building long-lasting relationships, be a company others want to be around, and promote a holistic approach to mental and physical health.

Learn and Grow

Work hard and play hard, develop ourselves and others, measure our improvement and share knowledge generously.

Create Quality and Innovation

Deliver products and services that surpass expectation, and be relentless about improving quality.

Act with Integrity and Respect

Be honest, do the right thing, trust other and support their decisions, be transparent, be gracious and generous and honour God in all that we do.

Think Clients First

Listen first, then respond, go beyond expectations, and build lifetime friendships.

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