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Became a StruXure Dealer

In September 2019, Les DeMerchant successfully won the opportunity over several others to be a StruXure dealer in Vancouver, BC. Along with his son Christopher DeMerchant, and his son-in-law Bryce Palfreyman, Les had already established Elkhorn Construction as a successful business since 2009. They thought that StruXure would fit in well, and Elkhorn was ready for a new challenge. Christopher and Les went to Las Vegas to do the StruXure Dealer Training in October 2019. They were both very impressed with the quality of the product, and the quality of the people at StruXure Corporate.


Best Outdoor Product of the BC Home and Garden Show 2020

In January 2020, Christopher and Bryce went back to Las Vegas for the NICS 2020 Trade Show where StruXure Corporate had a booth. Both men were impressed, and it was the final thing needed to feel ready to commit and take the leap of faith. Elkhorn Construction launched their new venture, and started plying their trade as salesmen. We quickly learned that sales is an art form and we were not professionals yet, and we found some amazing people with experience to join our team. We have always held the idea that it is alright to not be the best, but that we need to partner with someone who knows more than us to learn from , and then continue to partner with more people as we grow. We decided to launch with the BC Home and Garden Show in February 2020. There were over 200 people that came through our booth and we were voted the Best Outdoor Product of the show. That puts us on top of the world.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Happened

Then March 2020 hit and with it Covid-19, BC was locked down. We were terrified that we had made the leap, and nothing was going to catch us. We had gotten this huge list of leads from the home show, but the world was scared to let outsiders into their homes, and commercial spaces weren’t open to the public anymore. Our first sale didn’t come until April 2020. That first sale broke the mold for us. We were able to use the fact that this is an outdoor solution that allows people to still see others and be in a nice place outside. The other element that really benefited us because of the lock down was that the money clients would normally use to travel was now being allocated to updating their homes. Where else are you going to spend it, but your space that you are trapped in. By July 2020 we had sold 15 systems, and we were taking a leap again in hiring a full time installation crew. By the end of the first year, StruXure had taken off and proven itself to be a winning risk.


StruXure Vancouver and StruXure Okanagan Began

We rolled into september 2021, and realized that StruXure had outgrown its parent company, and was at a point where it needed to stand on its own. We were approached with the idea of expanding our dealer zone to the Okanagan. This required a partner that lived in the Okanagan with boots on the ground. We found a partner, and we wanted to try it! On November 1st, 2021 StruXure Outdoors Vancouver, and StruXure Okanagan were born. Two separate companies, owned and managed by the same group of people. Both flourished. StruXure Okanagan was able to grow off of the ground work that was already won by StruXure Vancouver during its time under Elkhorn Construction. The goal was to never be just pergolas, it was to craft whole outdoor spaces, so we expanded our product line to include Phantom Screens. Between the two companies with the two product lines we were able to service over 70 clients. It was fast growing, and there are so many good by-products of that growth. Unfortunately, there are also bad by-products too.


Introducing MagnaTrack Retractable Screens

In January 2022, the StruXure Okanagan partner needed to part ways, and StruXure Vancouver bought them out, bringing both StruXure Vancouver and Okanagan under the same banner. Moving forward to March 2022, StruXure Vancouver introduces MagnaTrack Retractable Screens to their product line.

Rebrand to be Epic Outdoors

In October 2022, we decided to relook at our marketing. With the transition from being two companies into one, we wanted to have something that was friendly for everyone instead of constantly having to clarify with StruXure (Vancouver or Okanagan) we were referring to. We are one family, so we wanted one name. We have now rebranded to be “Epic Outdoors”. As Epic Outdoors, we want to help you dream, design, and cultivate the most luxurious outdoor space.

Our Vision

Our vision at Epic Outdoors is to transform the way people live by bringing the indoors out by being the leading provider of exceptional outdoor living solutions.

We Are

  • Always improving
  • Leading edge
  • Reaching
  • Growing
  • Driven

Our Value

Be Bold

Go big, take massive action, take the right risks, and lead.

Be Accountable

Deliver on commitments, always do what we say, and deliver and reward results.

Be Communal

Be family oriented, building long-lasting relationships, be a company others want to be around, and promote a holistic approach to mental and physical health.

Learn and Grow

Work hard and play hard, develop ourselves and others, measure our improvement and share knowledge generously.

Create Quality and Innovation

Deliver products and services that surpass expectation, and be relentless about improving quality.

Act with Integrity and Respect

Be honest, do the right thing, trust other and support their decisions, be transparent, be gracious and generous and honour God in all that we do.

Think Clients First

Listen first, then respond, go beyond expectations, and build lifetime friendships.

Our Team

Our Team is a family. We all have different roles, but ultimately the same goal. To bring you best outdoor space possible.

First we start with who you would most likely come into contact with first, the Sales Team.

Vancouver Outdoor Living Specialist
Phil Doubroff
Vancouver Outdoor Living Specialist
Tim Bergen
Christopher DeMerchant
Vice President
Les DeMerchant
Accounts Manager
Stefanie DeMerchant
Systems Analyst
Keidi Palfreyman

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