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Enhance Outdoor Living Experience With Epic Outdoor Professional Services

Whether building a new outdoor living space or renovating it, Epic Outdoors can help. We are the leading experts in providing quality outdoor living space transformations and patio covers suppliers and installers in Western Canada. Our team has provided our services throughout BC for residential and commercial purposes.

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The Outdoor Living Covering Solution Experts in British Columbia

We provide and install premium quality outdoor living space coverings for commercial and residential purposes. Our experienced technicians and specialists will create a custom deck covering solutions and services tailored to your needs and goals.

Residential Service

Enjoy Your Staycation at Home, in Your Outdoor Living Space

If you want to unwind and relax, having a staycation will help. However, if you have a lovely outdoor living space, you can enjoy a staycation daily! Epic Outdoors will help transform your outdoor living space so you can enjoy nature anytime without leaving your home. Our specialist will talk to you and assist you in choosing the right type of patio covers, colour, style, and accessories. We will customize the pergolas and retractable screens based on your preferences and the size of your outdoor living space to ensure it will match your home.

Commercial Service

Enhance Your Commercial Establishment's Revenue Through Outdoor Dining Space

Nowadays, more commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, and bars, provide outdoor seating to their customers and guests. As a result, you can accept more customers and improve your Revenue. With Epic Outdoors, you will have a stunning and elegant outdoor seating space that can be used in any weather conditions. Adding StruXure pergolas and MagnaTrack retractable screens can protect your guests from any weather conditions. If you are ready to enhance your Revenue, contact us and book a consultation with us — experts with years of experience and who understand British Columbia's weather conditions.

Complete and Quality Outdoor Living Space Services

Epic Outdoors is the right place to go if you want quality patio covers for your outdoor living space! We will handle everything from product sourcing to installation and electrical set-ups for you!

Thorough Outdoor Enclosure Consultation

We always work with your clients closely! Our team of specialists will provide a tailored outdoor living space enclosure consultation which includes the following:

  • Share and create a custom outdoor living space solution for you
  • We will be with you every step of the process. We will accompany you, from choosing which type of patio covers and retractable screens to select the style, colour, accessories, etc.
  • Our customization technicians will measure your outdoor living space and double-check everything to ensure your StruXure pergolas and MagnaTrack retractable screens fit your properties perfectly

Hassle-Free Installation

Pergolas and retractable screens are not easy to handle and install. They need specialized installers to ensure everything works perfectly and safely. At Epic Outdoors, our team, has years of experience providing and installing patio covers in outdoor living spaces in British Columbia for residential and commercial purposes. We will take care of the following:

  • Provide a customized and thorough plan to implement the installation
  • Experienced and professional technicians will handle the installation quickly and hassle-free
  • You can ensure no damage to your outdoor living spaces and properties

Skillful Electrical Set-Up

Pergolas and retractable screens should be connected to electrical power to work. Setting up an electrical line is not for amateurs or first-timers. By working with Epic Outdoors, you can get the following:

  • Peace of mind. Our technicians have many years of experience setting up electric lines for outdoor living spaces. This will ensure you, your loved ones, customers, and property are safe even during weather conditions
  • The accessories and patio covers are working correctly and safely
  • For commercial properties, our technicians can also install other integrated equipment such as patio heaters, ceiling fans, etc.
Our Partner

For an Overall Enhanced Outdoor Living Experience

We specialize in providing customized StruXure pergolas and MagnaTrack retractable screens. Epic Outdoors has years of experience working with high-end projects throughout British Columbia. We work with The Gas Guys to ensure you get the complete outdoor living experience. They specialize in sourcing outdoor living equipment and installation, such as fire tables, patio heaters, natural gas tiki torches, pizza ovens, outdoor grills, etc. 100% satisfaction and quality are guaranteed!

Customization Options

We Customize Our Patio Covers and Retractable Screens to Fit Your Outdoor Living Space!

Accuracy is ensured with our experienced specialists taking the measurements, then the numbers are double-checked. We will customize the patio covers based on your preferences, such as style, size, colour, etc. We offer accessories to enhance your outdoor living experience. You can add ceiling fans, patio heaters, and more! We can make your dream outdoor living space into reality!

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