Louvered Pergola and Outdoor Living Products

Louvered Pergola and Enclosures for a Better Outdoor Living Experience

With a smart louvered pergola from Epic Outdoors, you can choose how much sunlight you want to receive while relaxing in your outdoor living space. Our patio covers and retractable screens stand out for their functionality, convenience, and style. Transform your outdoor space and contact us for a FREE consultation today.

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Premium Quality Louvered Pergola, Outdoor Enclosures, and Patio Covers

We provide premium, sleek, and functional products, such as smart pergolas and MagnaTrack retractable screens, in addition to expert advice and friendly customer service. These are today's most innovative products that feature cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience.

Smart Pergola

Epic Outdoors offers smart louvered pergolas made from high-quality materials. The louvered pergola comes with a remote control that allows you to easily adjust the position of the slats and choose your favourite setting. The optional MyLink system can also be integrated with most home automation systems. This provides flexible, convenient, and hassle-free control.

Rain and wind sensors are included with our louvered pergolas. Once the wind speed reaches 96 Km/h, the slats will automatically open, allowing the wind to pass through. In addition, if the sensors detect rain, the slats will shut down, preventing wet cushions.

Motorized Screen

If you're looking for a smart retractable screen for your outdoor living space, MagnaTrack is the one! The MagnaTrack retractable screen provides simple and convenient control and operation. They are made with magnets that are specially designed to allow free floating while maintaining consistent screen tension to prevent flapping and hitting your windows. Because of the unique and innovative MagnaTrack system, they are easy to install and use in commercial and residential settings.

These motorized screens are ideal for outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, picture windows, entryways, windows, and more. You won't find anything better than this!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

StruXure Louvered Pergola and MagnaTrack Retractable Screens

The StruXure smart louvered pergola and MagnaTrack retractable screens come with our limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects in their materials or hardware. The warranty for MagnaTrack retractable screens does not apply if the product is damaged due to misuse, accident, or faulty installation. Enjoy your pergola without worry under our warranty.


What Sets StruXure Smart Louvered Pergola Above the Rest?

The StruXure louvered pergola has a patented interlocking slat design to avoid rain dripping into your outdoor living space furnishings, appliances, and equipment. Its 360° Integrated Gutter System also allows unparalleled water management. They partnered with Somfy to make it easy to integrate it into your smartphones and home automation software. The louvered pergola is made to order, so you can be confident your pergola will fit your space perfectly with an installation from our experts at Epic Outdoors.

MagnaTrack Screens

What Makes the MagnaTrack Retractable Screens Best in the Industry?

The MagnaTrack retractable screens outperform other zipper-style automatic screens on the market in terms of design and engineering. MagnaTrack motorized screens feature unique magnets that prevent the retractable screens from hitting your windows in high winds. It also keeps the screen free-floating and provides constant tension. MagnaTrack retractable screens have an elegant and classy design that will complement any style you choose.

Our Approach

Why Choose Epic Outdoors Louvered Pergola and Other Outdoor Living Products?

Epic Outdoors products are trusted by thousands of business owners and homeowners all across British Columbia. We combined a stylish design, functionality, and convenience into one product, which is the reason many choose our products.

Timeless Design Perfect for Any Space

The smart pergolas and retractable screens we offer are designed to match and complement any style of your home or business establishment. Our louvered pergola has a modern design that will enhance the look of any outdoor living space. Our retractable screens, on the other hand, have an elegant, simple, and minimalist design that adds a touch of class to any space.

Seamless Residential and Commercial Use

Epic Outdoors pergolas and MagnaTrack retractable screens can be installed and integrated into both commercial and residential establishments. They are versatile and customizable to match your preferences and needs. Whether you are integrating our retractable screens and/or smart pergolas into a new building or renovating an old one, Epic Outdoors products have you covered.

Designed and Built to Withstand Different Weather Conditions

The materials we use are high-quality and durable to ensure our products can withstand the test of time, climate, and weather changes. Our smart pergolas come with an aluminum frame and are engineered to withstand hurricanes and extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow. Additionally, our retractable screens are equipped with hurricane defenders that use magnetic fields to cushion their impact.

Smart and Convenient Control Options and Easy Integration

Weather sensors are built into the Epic Outdoors louvered pergola to protect your outdoor living equipment, furnishings, and appliances. It can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app and integrated into your Alexa voice control. You can adjust the slats while lounging on your sofa, while the MagnaTrack retractable screens can be controlled remotely. Both products allow convenient control and quick integration.

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