Premium Patio Coverings for Commercial Purposes

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Complete Patio Coverings and Solutions for a Comfortable Outdoor Seating

We provide complete patio coverings, such as StruXure pergolas and MagnaTrack retractable screens, for your commercial outdoor space. Epic Outdoors has been providing our services to high-end clients all over British Columbia for years. Let us customize your patio covers to attract more customers and improve your business' revenue!

Quality Patio Coverings and Retractable Screens From Trusted Brands

The weather in British Columbia changes drastically. That is why we only provide patio coverings from trustworthy brands, like StruXure and MagnaTrack, to ensure the quality and durability of the products. We use an ROI calculator to provide insight into how much you can earn in your outdoor seating.

Patio Coverings for a Comfortable Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating is becoming more popular nowadays because of its relaxing ambiance. For business owners, you have to maximize the available space you have. You can accommodate more customers and guests by turning your outdoor space into a seating area. However, weather changes can limit access to outdoor seating, especially in BC, when the rainy season is long. With patio coverings, you can provide outdoor seating in any weather condition all year round! Also, our patio and deck covers are easy to maintain and operate. Attract more customers and earn more with Epic Outdoors!

Motorized Pergolas for a Luxurious and Fun Ambiance

Ensure your outdoor bars, lounges, restaurants, etc., are comfortable and enticing by adding pergolas. StruXure motorized pergola has rain and wind sensors. When the rainwater starts to fall, the louvres will close to protect your customers, equipment, and furnishing. Pergolas combined the classy and luxurious design with convenient and innovative features. You can control and operate StruXure pergolas remotely using your smartphone app or integrate it into automation systems. No need to stop the outdoor party and fun when you have pergolas from Epic Outdoors!

Classy and Refined Louvered Roofing Systems

Bring nature closer to your guests in style with louvred roof systems from Epic Outdoors! Our louvred roof systems are glamorous and timeless, ideal for commercial establishments, such as country clubs, pools, golf courts, wineries, etc. To ensure they can withstand the weather changes in British Columbia, we only offer premium quality products from reputable brands in the industry. Experienced artisans use aircraft-grade extruded aluminum handcraft for each louvred roof system. This material is highly durable and can withstand hurricane’s strong winds and heavy snow loads.

Stylish Retractable Screens That Complements Your Commercial Space

Weather conditions highly control outdoor seating. When it rains, snows, or is too hot; outdoor seating is not very appealing to customers. However, suppose you have retractable screens from Epic Outdoors. In that case, you can control how much sunlight enters your space and protect your customers from snow and rain. We offer MagnaTrack retractable screens to ensure quality and durability. These motorized screens are stylish, minimalist, and classy and can complement any space, indoor and outdoor. MagnaTrack retractable screens can be controlled using a smartphone app or integrated with automation systems for added convenience.

Our Projects

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Still deciding whether you need our retractable screens and patio coverings for your commercial establishment? Please take a closer look at our recently completed projects today. We put together all our finished products to help you decide.

Trusted by Businesses in British Columbia for Patio Coverings

We provide patio coverings, retractable screens, and outdoor seating solutions for different businesses in British Columbia. The products we use are high-quality and from popular and trusted brands. Our team has years of experience in ensuring safety and correct installation. The result? Businesses rely on us throughout BC.

  • Premium Brands
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  • Hassle-Free Installation
Commercial Customization

We Can Customize Patio Coverings and Retractable Screens for You

We offer a wide selection of customization options, like style and size. To improve the ambiance and comfort of your space, we can add accessories, like ceiling fans, lighting, patio heaters, lamps, etc. Add your touch to your outdoor seating area and commercial establishments while improving your revenue at the same time. To Ensure you find the perfect patio coverings and retractable screens that fit your preferences and aesthetics.

Benefits of Patio Coverings and Retractable Screens for Your Business

From rooftop bars to outdoor seating, golf courses, and other commercial establishments, our patio coverings and retractable screens offer convenience, style, and protection. Epic Outdoors features products for reputable brands to provide more benefits to all our clients.

Earn More and Increase Your Revenue

StruXure pergolas are designed with rain and wind sensors. The louvres will begin to move when the wind is too strong or rains. With the sudden weather changes, you will never lose customers staying in our outdoor seating area. Also, retractable screens protect your clients and customers from too much sunlight, strong winds, and rain.

Comfortable Space for Happier Customers and Clients

Comfort affects the happiness of your customers. When the sun is too bright, or the wind is too strong, you can adjust the retractable screens using your smartphone app to protect your customers. Also, you can control the louvres of the pergolas to ensure the temperature and light in the outdoor seating area is comfortable and relaxing.

Save More on Energy Costs

You can lower your energy bills with patio coverings and retractable screens. Control how much sunlight and wind enter your outdoor space by moving motorized screens and the louvres of the pergolas. You can take advantage of natural light and wind. No need to turn on your air conditioning or lights.

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