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Smart Pergola X: Cutting-Edge Technology for Residential and Commercial Use

Meet the world's smartest and most cutting-edge motorized pergola available on the market, StruXure Smart Pergola X! It can be controlled by a smartphone app, remote control, or home automation systems. Transform your outdoor living with a smart pergola installed by Epic Outdoors.


Benefits of StruXure Smart Pergola for Your Outdoor Living Space

Here are a few advantages of adding a smart pergola to enhance your outdoor living experience:

  • Control the amount of light that enters your outdoor living space
  • Protect your furnishing, equipment, and appliances save from rain and snow
  • Designed with a 360° Integrated Gutter System allowing rainwater to drain quickly
  • Premium powder-coated aluminum that is easy to maintain and can withstand chlorine, sun, rain, salt water, and more
Aluminum Structure
Control with
Your Smartphone
“Smart Louver”
Automated with
Weather Sensors

Premium Quality and Tailored Smart Pergola for Residential and Commercial Purposes

Experienced artisans design, craft, and assemble the automated pergolas to ensure durability, quality, and functionality. Each smart pergola passes through extensive testing to ensure they are safe for any outdoor living space, both residential and commercial.

Residential Pergola

Residential Smart Pergola for a Cozy Outdoor Living Experience All Seasons

Level up your outdoor living space and enjoy nature all year long, regardless of the weather with StruXure smart pergola. Our motorized pergola combines modern technology, simple functionality, and luxurious aesthetics, making it perfect for homes of different sizes. Here are a few benefits of adding a smart pergola to your home:

  • Compliments any outdoor living space design and style
  • Ideal for new home construction or home improvement
  • Hassle-free control and operation through Somfy operation system
  • Entertaining guests, having a family gathering, or simply enjoying the outdoor living lifestyle in style and comfort
  • Simple and quick installation from experts at Epic Outdoors
Commercial Pergola

Commercial Smart Pergola for Alfresco Dining Area and a Higher Revenue

Many restaurants, hotels, and other businesses find that having a StruXure smart pergola allows their customers to dine or use their services. Installing a pergola allows you to

  • Create an outdoor space for customers, which means generating more income for your business
  • Add a classy, elegant, and unique touch to your restaurant
  • Let customers enjoy outdoor sitting in all weather conditions. If you add a patio heater, customers can enjoy it all year round
  • Choose from numerous customization options, such as size and accessories (fans, heaters or lights)

To provide an insight into how long it will take to earn the money they spent on our services, we use an ROI calculator.

Smart Pergola X Models:
Designed and Built to Last

StruXure pergolas have a luxurious and timeless design that complements any theme and style. We combine cutting-edge technology, unrivaled functionality, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship to provide superior smart pergolas to all our clients. Enhance your outdoor living experience with pergolas.

Pivot 6
The Most Popular Smart Pergola

British Columbia is known for its unpredictable weather conditions. If you have an outdoor living space, your furniture, appliances, and equipment can get damaged. But with the automated rain and wind sensors of Pivot 6 Smart Pergola, you can protect your outdoor living spaces and kitchens. In addition, the adjustable louvered pergola (up to 170°), allows you to control how much sunlight enters your space.

Pivot 6 XL
Engineered to Handle 3X More Rainwater

Perfectly engineered for commercial outdoor spaces, Pivot 6 XL Smart Pergola is ideal for larger projects and spacious areas. It is designed to handle three times more rainwater than the Pivot 6. If your commercial business offers outdoor patio seating, installing our automated pergola is a great option. You can customize your control settings, protect your customers from weather conditions, and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Pivot 6 Slide
Designed to Fully Open and Close

Ideal for both commercial and residential use, the Pivot 6 Slide Smart Pergola allows you to admire the clear view of the sky without any obstructions. It has the same louvers control and automation as the Pivot 6 but can be fully opened or closed. As a result, they are ideal for romantic date nights, family bonfires, or stargazing. It also includes a special slide rail to allow swift movement.

Pan 6
Fixed Ceiling Panel Option, Perfect for Large Projects

Pan 6 can be installed in areas of your outdoor living space or patio dining area where an automated, smart pergola is not required. It is a fixed patio cover option for both residential and commercial purposes that seamlessly integrates and protects. They are ideal for larger spaces and projects with multiple zones. If you choose to install alternating louvers and pans, we can make that happen!

Customization Options

Different Customization Options for Our Smart Pergola

We offer a wide range of customization options for all our smart pergola clients. We understand that each homeowner or business owner has their own style and preferences. We provide customization options to ensure you get the perfect automatic pergola for your outdoor living space or patio dining area. Choose from architectural elements, such as corbel ends, column wraps, caps, bases, and cornices, for a pergola that complements your home or business. StruXure Pergola X is also compatible with other outdoor fans and lighting fixtures.

For businesses, such as restaurants, clubs, hotels, and more, you can add patio heaters, lamps, and fire features for a more welcoming and warm ambiance. This is perfect for attracting customers!


Reduce the Carbon Footprint in the Environment With Our Smart Pergola

StruXure Automated Pergolas are custom-made in a manufacturing facility in the US using recycled aluminum to reduce waste and ensure sustainability. The systems are environmentally friendly and do not use chemical treatments. The installation by Epic Outdoors has no negative effects on the environment. The smart pergola is built to last for years. However, when the time comes for your smart pergola upgrade, you can easily recycle them.

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