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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience With MagnaTrack Retractable Screens

Create the perfect environment in your outdoor living space by adding MagnaTrack retractable screens. They provide the privacy you need while protecting you from UVB and UVA rays and are motorized for a stress-free, convenient operation.


Benefits of the MagnaTrack Motorized Retractable Screens in Your Outdoor Living Space

MagnaTrack Retractable Screens are not only suitable for installation in your home, but they are also suitable for commercial buildings, cottages, outdoor dining areas, and other similar applications. Here are a few reasons to use them:

  • Provides privacy, security, and peace of mind
  • Prevent irritating insects, such as mosquitoes, bees, and Blackflies, without obstructing your view
  • Blocks sunlight, glare, and strong winds
  • Helps to regulate the temperature in your outdoor living space
Hurricane Defender
Solar Protection
Privacy Protection
Remote Controls

MagnaTrack Motorized Retractable Screens Perfect for Residential and Commercial Use

MagnaTrack Retractable Screens have a patented floating design. Powder-coated aluminum prevents chipping, peeling, and bubbles. They can withstand intense wind speeds up to 120 kph, making them ideal for commercial and residential use.

Residential Screen

Residential MagnaTrack Retractable Screens for Better Protection and Privacy

Ready to upgrade your outdoor living space or patio at home? Install MagnaTrack Retractable Screens. These motorized screens can be operated using your smartphone and home automation system. Here are more reasons why you should add them to your home:

  • Enjoy your outdoor living space without worry
  • Feel more secure with the added privacy
  • Protection from insects and other outdoor elements
  • Protects your outdoor furniture from sudden weather changes and too much exposure to sunlight (causes fading)
  • Enjoy an outdoor view without any obstructions
  • Adds a sleek, timeless, and simple design to your home
  • Easy installation from experts at Epic Outdoors
Commercial Screen

Commercial MagnaTrack Retractable Screens for Comfortable Outdoor Seating

Installing MagnaTrack motorized retractable screens in your commercial establishment helps you earn more money while utilizing your outdoor seating and dining area year-round. Here are more reasons to install motorized screens in your restaurants, hotels, offices, and other commercial establishments:

  • Comfortable outdoor seating ensures happy customers, which means they will return
  • Weather protection against sunlight, glare, and strong winds
  • Use your outdoor seating in all types of weather conditions
  • Allows your customers and clients to enjoy the outdoor view without obstructions
  • Convenient and easy to operate via smartphone and automation systems, perfect for busy establishments

A Wide Range of MagnaTrack Retractable Screens for Different Outdoor Living Spaces

MagnaTrack Retractable Screens are not just for your windows. They can be used in all of your outdoor living spaces. Each MagnaTrack Motorized Retractable Screen is custom-made. As a result, we can provide different customization options, like size, to fit your needs!

Covered patios and porches

MagnaTrack Retractable Screens provide sun protection to covered patios and porches, especially during summer. Summer is when you get a tan or spend time with your family outdoors. However, direct exposure to sunlight is not healthy for your skin. Adding retractable screens can protect your loved ones from UVA and UVB exposure.

Decks and balconies

Decks and balconies are spaces where you can read, spend time alone, or do your own business. However, if your home is along a busy road, it is hard to have privacy from prying eyes. When you install retractable screens, you can have the privacy and security you need.


Pergolas can protect you from sun exposure and rainwater. However, when you combine rain with strong winds, pergolas can protect your outdoor living furnishing and equipment like motorized screens. Provide added protection against elements and sudden weather changes by adding MagnaTrack Retractable Screens to your pergolas.

Pool enclosures

It is hard to enjoy swimming in the pool when the sun is too bright. You can add MagnaTrack retractable screens to protect yourself and your loved ones from too much sun exposure. Also, custom screens prevent insects from breeding in your pool and add privacy and security.

Outdoor kitchens

When preparing meals in your outdoor kitchen, bugs and insects might smell the delicious aromas and fly into your food. It is best to add retractable screens to ensure your prepared meal is safe and clean. They provide shade and privacy so you can enjoy your time with your family.

Folding glass walls

Folding glass walls provide an unobstructed view and open your outdoor living space. They let the sunlight enter your area. However, too much sunlight can cause fading and drying on your furniture. Adding retractable screens can protect your furniture from being exposed to too much sunlight.

Why MagnaTrack?

What Makes MagnaTrack Retractable Screens the Best Motorized Screen in the Market?

Here are the reasons MagnaTrack Retractable Screens are the best zipper-style motorized screen available on the market today.

No need for additional electrical wiring, can be plugged into an AC outlet.

  • It can withstand strong winds up to 120kph
  • Designed with our patented floating tension technology to avoid flapping and hitting your windows
  • Comes with durable, stainless steel fasteners
  • Safe and secured operation with our triple obstacle detection
  • Reduce energy bills by controlling how much sunlight enters your space
  • Hassle-free cleaning and easy to maintain
  • Provides effective insect and pest control without obstructing your view and blocking airflow
  • The aluminum is powder-coated to avoid chipping, peeling, and bubbles
  • It can be integrated and controlled using most home automation systems and smartphones
Hurricane Defender

MagnaTrack Motorized Retractable Screens Hurricane Defender

Although hurricanes don't happen often, they can still make their way to your location. Storms cause property damage which can be expensive, especially in coastal areas. Preventive measures like MagnaTrack Retractable Screens Hurricane Defender can prevent some injuries. Our motorized screens are designed and manufactured to improve your outdoor living experience all year round. They are practical, durable, high-quality, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

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