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4 Design Considerations When Choosing Patio & Deck Cover

Having an outdoor living space is brilliant if you love spending time outdoors. There is a limitation — weather. That's why you should add a patio and deck cover. Here are 4 things you need to consider when deck covers shopping.

Maximize the Outdoor View Without Obstruction

Staying in your outdoor living space is a great way to relax and unwind. And for business owners, it is a way to provide more seating space to their customers. Let your loved ones and customers enjoy the outdoor view without obstruction while providing privacy and security with MagnaTrack retractable screens. Motorized screens can help make your family and customers feel safe, especially if you are near a busy road.

Enjoy Natural Light and Wind

Outdoor living spaces let you enjoy the sun and wind. However, too much sun exposure and strong winds are unsuitable for skin, appliances, and furnishing. With StruXure pergolas, you adjust how much sunlight you and your outdoor living space will receive. When you have StruXure patio covers, you can lounge and enjoy your outdoor living experience in any weather.

Long-Lasting & Eco-Friendly Materials

You should always check the materials used for your patio and deck cover. Outdoor living spaces are exposed to many different weather elements. As a result, not all materials cannot withstand many weather conditions and elements. Check whether the materials are long-lasting, durable, and eco-friendly, like our MagnaTrack retractable screens and StruXure pergolas. We combined premium materials with experienced artisans to ensure durability, functionality, and longevity of use.

Outdoor Living Space Furniture Placement

Outdoor furniture placement is crucial in any outdoor living space. It would be best if you had a design and layout to ensure you can maximize the available space. If you need help creating an outdoor living space design and layout, we can help you with The Gas Guys. Their design specialists have experience creating custom designs based on your preferences, needs, and purpose for the space.

Benefits of Patio and Deck Cover

Outdoor living is becoming a trend these days for a reason. You can use your outdoor living space to entertain, relax, play, etc.! But if you still need a deck cover, we listed four reasons you need one!

Expanded Living/Business Space

A patio, deck, and outdoor living space provide an area where you can entertain your guests or provide more seating for your business. Adding a deck cover, such as pergolas and retractable screens, adds comfort, privacy, and safety to your loved ones and customers. It also lets you enjoy the outdoor living space in any weather conditions. You can add patio heaters or fire pits for year-round enjoyment.

Energy-Friendly Efficiency

Good news to all homeowners and business owners, adding a deck cover can help you save on your electric bills! Patio covers will keep your space warmer in cold months and cool on warm days. Retractable screens, pergolas, and other patio coverings provide shade and prevent too much sunlight from entering your space. You can add ceiling fans, patio heaters, etc., to ensure you can spend time outdoors any season.

Add Value to Your Property

Outdoor living spaces with a deck cover, retractable screens, and other home improvements will increase the value of your home and commercial property. However, if you are not planning to sell your property, you can enjoy the fresh air and outdoor living space. And when you are ready for a new home or commercial establishment, you can sell it for a higher market value.

Express Your Lifestyle

Having an outdoor kitchen, patio, deck, and outdoor living space is a classy and elegant way to express your lifestyle. You can invite your friends, family, and colleagues to your home and have a party. For commercial establishments, you design and decorate your outdoor living spaces and show your personality. Gathering in your outdoor living space is always a great idea if you want to meet new people.

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